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Cosmetic Injections: Benefits and Features

People all over the world are approaching the board certified cosmetic surgeons for a number of treatments when they wish to have a more youthful appearance. They shall be presented with a wide variety of solutions to their predicaments, some of them so simple to administer and recover from.

Cosmetic injections, also known as liquid facelift or Botox, have brought about a change in how cosmetic treatments are carried out. They are growing more popular for more of the target population. It is common among those who wish to avoid going for the more surgical cosmetic procedures.

The advancements in technology and procedures in the cosmetic world has resulted in more positive ways of going about the procedures. These professionals have come up with ways of making most of their procedures more applicable, less invasive, but with more desirable effects. They can now address more of the issues their patients face. They have at their disposal a wider range of solutions they can give their patients. They will try to limit the need for surgery, and resort to it only when there is no other option.

Cosmetic injections have had a high success rate since their inception. Their results are also more apparent and appreciated. These injections are the best way to tackle the appearance of lines on the forehead and the fine ones around the eyes. Botox will sort out an lines on the top half of the face. The substance injected in the area is botulinum toxin, which stops the muscles in there from contracting, thus smoothing out the face. They ensure you get rid of frown lines and crow’s feet. This effect can last for months or longer.

When it come to the lower half of the face, you have the option of fillers. These re-absorbable fillers will handle those issues present, temporarily. The fillers constitute mainly of hyaluronic acid. You will notice a rapid decrease of the lines around the mouth region, also known as nasolabial folds. You will keep this appearance for a year or longer, in some cases.

As you grow older, you will keep losing the volume in your cheeks, which then gives you jowls. This can be dealt with through the injection of a liquid into the cheeks, to give them back their youthful bounce. The amount to be injected is usually determined by both the patient and the surgeon through observation. There shall be a revival of the cheek’s lushness, and a reduction of the folds. This can last for more than two years.

The surgeon will use a topical lidocaine numbing cream before giving you the injections. The advantage of these procedures is the virtually no downtime afterwards. You may feel a bit uncomfortable for a few days, but you will not have to go for extensive periods of recovery.

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